Back to The Future: 1854, London – John Snow Fighting Cholera with GenAI – The Impact of AI on Tomorrow’s Epidemiology

In this session, Thomas takes the audience on a journey back to London in 1854 and shows how John Snow, the father of modern epidemiology, would might have fought cholera with present-day technologies. The goal is to show how the use of NLP, LLMs and GenAI could have changed the approach and efficiency of John Snow work, but also how this will revolutionize the work of epidemiologists today and in the future. Thomas will demonstrate how John Snow could use NLP methods and LLMs to analyze textual data from newspapers, medical reports, personal letters and how John could use GenAIs to collect, visualize and share data from water sources and pumps in London. Thomas will also discuss the ethical, social and practical implications with the audience of using AI for public health and disease prevention.
About the speaker

Thomas Kranzkowski

Chapter Lead – Data & AI at CLOUDETEER

Thomas is Chapter Lead for Data & AI at CLOUDETEER, where he works on AI and Cloud solutions in cross-industries. He has been a speaker at various events for topics such as AI & Sustainability, NLP in Healthcare and Quantum Computing and has also developed online courses for Data Science, Analytics and GenAI with Python. He holds a bachelor degree in economics from University of Kiel and studied data science in masters at Technical University of Chemnitz. He is based in Berlin.




Online Event: April 2-3, 2024



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