Bringing Spark NLP to R

In this talk, I will introduce the sparknlp R package which brings SparkNLP to the R programming language. The sparknlp R package is a sparklyr extension. All of the power and functionality of SparkNLP can now be used from R just as easily as it is used from Scala, Java, and Python.

I’ll demonstrate how it works and look at some of the considerations needed when building a sparklyr extension.

About the speaker

David Kincaid

Senior Data Scientist at IDEXX & r-spark/sparknlp Committer

David has been with IDEXX Laboratories, a leading biomedical company in animal health, for the last 23 years. He has held various roles in technology including IT, software engineering, and data science.

Since 2013 he has led the development of the largest data warehouse of veterinary clinical data in the US. His team’s work in clinical AI is shaping the future of animal health diagnostics. David holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics and Computational Science. His most recent open-source project has been to create a package that brings the Spark NLP functionality to the R programming language.

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