Developing language of collaboration for healthier neighborhoods

At Cityblock, we aim to deliver better healthcare by addressing the root causes of health, be it medical, behavioral or social, or a combination. Our interdisciplinary care teams work together to meet our members where they are, and partner with them to achieve their health goals.

This collaboration is supported by our platform, in which care teams share notes, goals, and tasks. We will explore ways in which we can help our care teams standardize the formulation of goals and tasks, which is important to help us analyze patterns in our population’s wellbeing, but also to evaluate the efficacy of care models.

To do this, we will look into variations in the language that don’t change the overall meaning of a sentence and look for the interesting new technical language being developed by our teams.

About the speaker

Marianne Hoogeveen 

Staff Data Scientist at Cityblock Health

Marianne is passionate about language, studying etymology, foreign languages, and yes also computer languages.

But being trained as a theoretical physicist (or it is more applied mathematics?; aah semantics! we need some NLP here… to have some equivalence relation), Marianne’s modus operandi is to actually outsource the learning to a machine. All you need to do is to teach the machine the rules of language, how hard can it be?

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