Development of a Method for Hospice Quality Assessment

Several studies and investigative journalism chronicle profit-making negatively impacting US hospice care quality. However, no study has reported on caregiver satisfaction expressed online by hospice. Assess the relationship between online caregiver sentiment, market share, profit status, and Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) scores among the 50 largest US hospices. Retrospective mixed methods of sentiment and multivariate regression analysis. Data sources were online caregiver reviews, provider CAHPS hospice survey data. Caregiver and employees had better experiences with non-profits than for-profits. Anger and frustration was expressed toward large, for-profit providers more focused on profit making than actual care. We show Americans who to trust in hospice care based on what caregivers actually said all over the Internet about their first-hand experience of large hospices.

About the speaker

Jason Hotchkiss

Psychologist, Professor at Cornerstone University

Jason Hotchkiss, EdD, MDiv, is a well-being researcher and psychology faculty at Cornerstone University. His research has focused on the integration of psychology and spirituality, natural language processing, sentiment analysis of healthcare quality, burnout, mindfulness, self-care, and optimal functioning of healthcare and helping professionals. Jason oversees the online assessment applications that provide feedback to clients for the Mindful Self-Care team at the University at Buffalo. Jason is also a board-certified chaplain and psychologist at Center for Elder Independence in Oakland, and he has directed several national wellness research projects for healthcare professionals.



Online Event: April 2-3, 2024



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