Generative AI Features in the Free No-Code NLP Lab

The NLP Lab is a free, no-code, privately deployed, enterprise-grade software platform for training & tuning AI models. Hundreds of organizations have adopted it to enable medical doctors, lawyers, finance analysts, and other domains experts to create custom state-of-the-art models without coding. One highlight capability is AI assisted annotation, which automates away most of the manual data annotation effort in practice. The NLP Lab is the only tool which allows users to mix & match models, rules, and prompts to pre-annotate data, and this session introduces recently added Generative AI features that take these capabilities further:
1. Synthetic Data Generation with GPT models: Learn how the NLP Lab can integrate with ChatGPT to automatically generate high-quality, diverse, and representative datasets. Build custom prompts that can alleviate data privacy, scarcity, and fairness concerns.
2. Entity Pre-Annotation with GPT Prompting: Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a pivotal information extraction task in many domains. Learn how the NER pre-annotation feature, powered by ChatGPT, can combine with other pre-trained models to drastically reduce the time and effort required for data annotation, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
3. Text Classification with GPT Prompting: Classifying domain-specific texts into relevant categories with little or no manual effort is now a breeze! Learn how ChatGPT prompting assists in creating robust text classification models, making it faster & easier to categorize everything from patient questions to financial news.
All these capabilities are provided in a no-code user interface, that is designed for teams: The included private prompts hub enables you to edit, test, share, and reuse prompts securely across your team. This session will explain the new features, show a live demo, and provide best practices for applying them.
About the speaker

Dia Trambitas

Head of Product at John Snow Labs

Dia Trambitas is a computer scientist with a specialized focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Serving as the Head of Product at John Snow Labs, Dia oversees the evolution of the NLP Lab, the best-in-class tool for text and image annotation in the healthcare domain.
Dia holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science focused on Semantic Web and ontology-based reasoning. She has a vivid interest in text processing and data extraction from unstructured documents, a subject she has been working on for the last decade.
Professionally, Dia has been involved in various information extraction and data science projects across sectors such as Finance, Investment Banking, Life Science, and Healthcare. Her comprehensive experience and knowledge in the field position her as a competent figure in the realms of NLP and Data Science.




Online Event: October 3-5, 2023



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