In the GPT Jungle: Lessons Learned from using LLMs in the wild in healthcare

In this talk, we will discuss the lessons learned from using Large Language Models (LLMs) at Hyro, a company that specializes in conversational AI.

We will introduce Hyro’s approach and explain how our “hybrid” architecture helped us incorporate LLMs, into Healthcare and beyond. We will dive into the considerations using LLMs in production, such as price, privacy, and hallucinations.

We will also talk about productization of RAG (retrieval augmented generation) solutions – retrieval methods, prompt engineering, evaluation and control. We will learn how to build a stable, reliable, and good quality system to enhance NLU capabilities across the board.


About the speaker

Itay Zitvar

Software engineering team lead (NLP) at Hyro

A language enthusiast. Served as an officer in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF and studied computer science and linguistics in Tel Aviv university.

For the past few years, Itay has been leading the the effort in Hyro of developing engaging, goal-oriented conversational AI for enterprise healthcare organizations across the US.




Online Event: October 3-5, 2023



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