NLP Capability Implementation Lessons Learned- From Tech to Change Movement for Effective Adoption

NLP is used to address clinical and medical analytics to support day-to-day activities in healthcare to better harness the power of data, streamlined decision making, an effective approach to change management and adoption need associated with AI capability should be considered to guide involved stakeholders through each stage of the journey to allow for better adoption and delivery of new capabilities in order to realize the benefit. Striking the right and transparent balance between automation and human interactions is crucial to safeguard reputation, preserve user trust and to drive sustained business success and outcome.

About the speaker
Hoifung Poon

Alice Chung

Sr. Analytics Manager at Genentech

Alice is currently a member of the Genentech’s Business Operations team in the areas of Strategic Analytics, Program design and implementation. She leads a science/clinical analytics team and collaborates with cross-functional stakeholders including Medical and MSL teams to design and implement sustainable business strategies and programs for Bio-Oncology, Immunology, and Ophthalmology as well as pipeline products. Alice has a diverse and extensive experience in long-term strategy formulation, scenario planning, program design and implementation. She started her Management Consulting career as a trained market researcher conducting market/industry research and program implementation in the Commercial space for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology clients. Later part of her consulting career she spent designed and managed complex projects at both US and International level. Since 2006, Alice has been invited to numerous industry Life Sciences conferences, including Digital Pharma, KOL summit, Big Data/Advanced analytics, and Innovation conferences (BEI & FEI) as a speaker, facilitator, and panelist to share best practices and innovative programs incorporating use of advanced technology, and analytic methodologies. Alice is also an advisory board member of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), advocating the practice of innovation and mentoring others who are interested in this discipline. Alice received her education from University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Stanford University on business related topics and with MIT on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.



Sessions: April 2nd – 3rd 2024
Trainings: April 15th – 19th 2024


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