Panel: Challenges in Applying NLP in Real-World Healthcare Systems

There’s a world of difference between building an AI proof of concept and deploying a real-world production system that works.
This panel, moderated by Ben Lorica and featuring healthcare technologists who have been building and operating such systems for years, explores the challenges, risks, processes, best practices, and tools they encounter most often.
About the speakers
David Talby
CTO at John Snow Labs

David Talby is the Chief Technology Officer at John Snow Labs, helping companies apply artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems in healthcare and life science.

Ben Lorica
Chair of the NLP Summit & co-chair of the Ray Summit

Ben Lorica is the external chair of the NLP Summit, co-chair of the Ray Summit, and host of the Data Exchange podcast. He is also the co-author of the NLP Industry Survey Report. He was previously program chair of the Strata Data Conference, the O'Reilly AI conference, and TensorFlow World.

Catherine Havasi
Founder and CEO at Dalang

Dr. Catherine Havasi is an AI researcher and entrepreneur. Her work on common sense reasoning, transfer learning, and dialogue has resulted in several startup companies: Luminoso, Learning Unlimited, and most recently Dalang Health.

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