Ray Aviary: Open-Source Multi-LLM Serving

We outline the reasons for why you might want to consider using open LLMs (e.g. Llama 2 from Meta) rather than proprietary LLMs (e.g. ChatGPT from OpenAI), in terms of cost, options, deployment flexibility and control of data.

Presuming you want to serve Open LLMs for some or all of your traffic, we then go through the self-hosted options available to you, including our own, RayLLM, that has advantages in performance, cost and scalability.

Finally we discuss your options if you want to use open LLMs, but you don’t necessarily want all of the headaches of self hosting including both shared endpoints (Anyscale Endpoints) and assisted self hosting (Anyscale Private Endpoints).

About the speaker

Waleed Kadous

Chief Scientist at Anyscale

Engineering leader with strong research and practical engineering skills. Interested in using technology — especially those related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, location, multimodal interaction, and context — to make people’s lives more productive and satisfying.

Specialties: artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, speech technologies, interface technologies, location and sensing, technology transfer and innovation, building world-class Engineering teams.




Online Event: October 3-5, 2023




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