Simple and Practical NLP Applications in Healthcare

Our focus in this talk is the art of building bridges between the possible and feasible, in the non-profit healthcare sector, in the context of natural language processing.

The large language models today allow for increasingly sophisticated applications in principle. Finding simple use cases that can be developed by a single data scientist and implemented in clinical workflows by already swamped providers turns out to be the harder part.

I will talk about how the whole range of tools from rudimentary string matching to building chatbots based on LLMs can be used for practical applications in a clinical setting.

About the speaker

Sonali Tamhankar

Senior Clinical Data Scientist in Enterprise Analytics department at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle

Sonali is an innately curious deep thinker who has the hands-on expertise to productize her ideas. She runs a meetup called Destination Health Equity, works as a data scientist in healthcare, has been actively involved in non-profit governance, was a tenure-track physics professor, and writes poems combining technical physics concepts with life philosophy.

She is happiest working with whip smart people passionate about understanding and appreciating this magical world and making a positive difference.




Online Event: October 3-5, 2023



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