Using NLP to Identity the Emotional State of Patients at Different Stages of a Disease Journey

Understanding the patient journey aids designing patient-focused products and services, improving communication, and personalizing treatment plans, which ultimately improves patient outcomes and experience.

For mental health life science companies, we are using “John Snow Labs’ sources of stress package” to understand the sentiment of different patient cohorts. The objective is to identify inflections points and behavioral triggers that otherwise would not come out. Insights from the patient journey can highlight care gaps and unmet needs, driving the development of innovative solutions and providing a competitive edge in the market.


About the speaker

Romain Bogaerts

Director of AI Product Management at Real Chemistry

Romain Bogaerts is Director of AI Product Management at Real Chemistry. His team develops AI algorithms that empower the creative human ideas from the agency to become exponentially more insightful with Data and AI solutions.

Romain leads the design and development of advanced new products that use Machine Learning and AI to help clients optimize their field force and implement marketing segmentation and targeting.

The Real Chemistry teams also use NLP to understand complex patient journeys and the sentiment associated with navigating the health system. Prior to his current position, Romain led a team at CVS Health that created an AI-enhanced experience for in-store pharmacists by generating real-time alerts for patient safety, drug pricing, and insurance claims.



Online Event: October 3-5, 2023



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