Using Spark NLP to build a drug discovery knowledge graph for COVID-19

In this talk, we will cover how to extract entities from text using both rule-based and deep learning techniques, and build a knowledge graph of these entities. We will cover how to use rule-based entity extraction to bootstrap a named entity recognition model.

The other important aspect of this project we will cover is how to infer relationships between entities, and combine them with explicit relationships found in the source data sets. Although this talk is focused on the CORD-19 data set, the techniques covered are applicable to a wide variety of domains.

This talk is for those who want to learn how to use NLP to explore relationships in text. What you will learn – How to extract named entities without a model – How to bootstrap an NLP model from rule-based techniques – How to identify relationships between entities in text.

About the speakers
Vishnu Vettrivel
Founder & CEO at Wisecube

Vishnu is the CTO and Founder of Wisecube AI and has over two decades of experience building data science teams and platforms. Vishnu is a big believer in graph based systems and has extensive experience with various graph databases including Neo4J, the original TitanDB release (now JanusGraph) and more recently OrientDB and AWS Neptune.

Alexander Thomas
Principal Data Scientist at Wisecube

Alex Thomas is a principal data scientist at Wisecube. He's used natural language processing and machine learning with clinical data, identity data, employer and jobseeker data, and now biochemical data. Alex is also the author of Natural Language Processing with Spark NLP.

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