AI in Healthcare – Promise and Perils

There has been an explosion of applications of AI in healthcare. And they promise to deliver a whole range of capabilities affecting every aspect of healthcare – from personal health to population health.

However, there is evidence of bias and inequities in the solutions proffered.

In this presentation, the nature of bias and steps to avert it, and regulatory steps being considered are covered.

About the speaker

Juggy Jagannathanns

AI Evangelist at 3M|M*Modal

V. “Juggy” Jagannathan, Ph.D., researches artificial intelligence and computer science for 3M Health Information Systems, developing new natural language and deep learning technologies that automatically structure patient-physician conversations into clinical documents. As an AI researcher with over four decades in the field, Juggy’s background includes both industry technology development and academia.

The company he founded in 1996 with technology from West Virginia University (WVU) was acquired by M*Modal in 2003 and he has been with the company ever since. He is also an adjunct professor teaching Computer Science and Natural Language Processing (NLP) at WVU. Juggy is a tennis nut, golf nut, and a yoga nut. In short, a nut.