Watch Healthcare NLP Summit 2024

Day 1

Benchmarks of
the Healthcare
GPT Model

David Talby

CTO at John Snow Labs

Generative AI for Drug Discovery

Yanshan Wang

Vice Chair of Research and Assistant Professor in Health Informatics, University of Pittsburgh

AMIE: A Research AI system for Diagnostic Medical Reasoning and Conversations

Mike Schaekermann

Research Scientist at Google

Empowering Healthcare through NLP: Harnessing Clinical Document Insights at Intermountain Health

Dylan Wagenseller

Senior Data Architect at Intermountain Health

Yinxi Zhang

Staff Data Scientist at Databricks

Developing Guidelines for Responsible Generative AI in Healthcare

Nicoleta Economou-Zavlanos

Algorithm-Based CDS Oversight Director at Duke University School of Medicine

Mwisa Chisunka

Head of Government Programs at John Snow Labs

How Care-Connect and Spryfox use NLP in Making Patient-Level Decisions

Christian Debes

Co-Founder, Head of Data Analytics & AI at Spryfox GmbH

Fiona Kiernan

Chief Economist, Care Connect at Care-Connect

Intel’s fastRAG for Medical Use-cases

Moshe Wasserblat

NLP Research manager at Intel

Optimization of Electronic Health Records: LLM for Clinical Coding and Exploitation

Carlos Rodriguez Abellan

GenAI & NLP Practice Lead at Fujitsu

RAG on FHIR: Using FHIR with Generative AI to Make Healthcare Less Opaque

Sam Schifman

Principal Architect for Innovation at Availity

NLP Capability Implementation Lessons Learned- From Tech to Change Movement for Effective Adoption

Alice Chung

Sr. Analytics Manager at Genentech

Measuring Hallucinations in Healthcare RAG

Ofer Mendelevitch

Head of Developer Relations at Vectara

Voice of the Customer: NLP in a Health Plan Call Center

Corinne Stroum

Director, Consumer Experience & Insights at SCAN Health Plan

How I Built a Super-Doctor Using Advanced RAG

Zain Hasan

Senior ML Developer Advocate at Weaviate

Large Language Models for Biomedical Knowledge Graph Construction: Information Extraction from EMR Notes

Davit Shahnazaryan

Head of Research at Amaros AI; Lecturer at Yerevan State University

Large Language Models to Facilitate Building of Cancer Data Registries

Ryan Tan

Consultant at National Cancer Centre Singapore

Clustering Patients Complaints

Zarmeen Nasim

Senior Instructor at Aga Khan University

Development of a Method for Hospice Quality Assessment

Jason Hotchkiss

Psychologist, Professor at Cornerstone University

Day 2

Answering Patient Level Questions from Raw Clinical Data

Veysel Kocaman

Head of Data Science at John Snow Labs

Advancing Health at the Speed of AI

Hoifung Poon

General Manager, Microsoft Health Futures at Microsoft

Using LLMs to Build Task-Specific AI Models with the No-Code Generative AI Lab

Dia Trambitas

Head of Product at John Snow Labs

Navigating the Ethical Frontier: Unraveling the Significance and Challenges of Responsible AI Data Synthesis

Amani Namboori

Applied Scientist at Amazon

Transforming Care in Psychiatry: Leveraging NLP to Optimize Inpatient Violence and Delirium Screening in Acute Care Settings

Arash Kia

Director, Clinical Data Science at Mount Sinai Health System

Towards Concept-Aware Large Language Models

Chen Shani

Postdoc at Stanford

Patient Journey Trajectories for Disease Progression Prediction and Sub Typing using LLMs

Thirupathi Pattipaka

Director, DataScience & AI at Novartis Pharma AG

Designing a Healthcare LLM for Efficient Medical Documentation

Sagar Goyal

Senior NLP Engineer at DeepScribe Inc.

Eti Rastogi

Senior NLP Engineer at DeepScribe Inc.

Integrating Multimodal RAG and Human-in-the-Loop for Scalable Healthcare IT Applications: From Analytics to Dx Coding

Rosh Singh

CTO at Cozeva – Applied Research Works

Using Large Language Models as Clinical Decision Support Tools in a Large Urgent Care Practice in Nairobi, Kenya

Robert Korom

Chief Medical Officer at Penda Health

Enhancing Antimicrobial Stewardship in LMICs Through AI-Driven Tools: Focusing on Conversational Agents and RAG Architecture

Mateus Cichelero

Analytics & AI Team Lead at Munai Health

Generative Terminology Mapping of Source Medication Terms to RxNorm: Using LLMs as Clinical Expert Reviewer

Philip Ballentine

Sr Director, Data Engineering at Atropos Health

Scaling GenAI for the Enterprise

Jacob Wilson

GenAI Commercial CTO at PWC

Enabling Physicians to Build Custom Conversational AI Agents for Cohesive Understanding of Medical Knowledge to Support Data-Driven Healthcare Decision-Making

Ali Lazim

CEO at Medixbot

“Be Like Water” – NLP and GenAI Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare

Sonali Tamhankar

Sr. Clinical Data Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

From Data to Enrollment: The Impact of Large Language Models in Clinical Recruitment

Daniel Koppers

Head of R&D at PhlexGlobal, a Cencora Company

Back to the future: 1854, London – John Snow Fighting Cholera with GenAI – The Impact of AI on Tomorrow’s Epidemiology

Thomas Kranzkowski

AI Cloud Engineering Consultant at CLOUDETEER

AI and NLP Carving a Future to Save Healthcare

William Wagner

Data Analytics Senior Product Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Improved Medical Classification Using Semantic Analysis and Data Augumentation

Walter Silva Martins-Filho

Senior Data Scientist at Neuralmed