Taming a T-Rex: A Survival Guide for Dealing with Large Language Models

In this fascinating world of machine learning, we’re all just explorers, trying to make sense of the mammoth creatures we call large language models. They’re like gigantic dinosaurs of the digital era, governed by those trusty old principles of machine learning and statistics.

Today, we’re diving into the everyday adventures of these models, showing you how to really get your hands dirty with these tools of the AI trade.

We’ll get you up-close and personal with these principles because, hey, knowing your tools is half the battle won, right?


About the speaker

Yuval Belfer

Developer Advocate at AI21 Labs

Yuval’s professional passion lies in the realm of generative AI. He actively contributes to making this intricate field more comprehensible and accessible to diverse audiences. With an engaging style and in-depth expertise, he navigates the complexities of AI, bringing clarity and insight to both peers and newcomers in the field.




Online Event: October 3-5, 2023




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