Day 1

Tuesday, April 2

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:05 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Benchmarks of the Healthcare GPT Model

David Talby – CTO at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

Generative AI for Drug Discovery

Yanshan WangVice Chair of Research and Assistant Professor in Health Informatics, University of Pittsburgh

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

Empowering Healthcare through NLP: Harnessing Clinical Document Insights at Intermountain Health

Dylan Wagenseller – Senior Data Architect at Intermountain Health
Yinxi Zhang – Staff Data Scientist at Databricks

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

Developing Guidelines for Responsible Generative AI in Healthcare 

Nicoleta Economou-Zavlanos – Algorithm-Based CDS Oversight Director at Duke University School of Medicine
Mwisa Chisunka – Head of Government Programs at John Snow Labs

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

How Care-Connect and Spryfox use NLP in Making Patient-Level Decisions

Christian DebesCo-Founder, Head of Data Analytics & AI at Spryfox GmbH
Fiona Kiernan – Chief Economist, Care Connect at Care-Connect

Intel’s fastRAG for Medical Use-cases

Moshe Wasserblat – NLP Research manager at Intel

Optimization of Electronic Health Records: LLM for Clinical Coding and Exploitation

Carlos Rodriguez Abellan – GenAI & NLP Practice Lead at Fujitsu

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

RAG on FHIR: Using FHIR with Generative AI to Make Healthcare Less Opaque

Sam SchifmanPrincipal Architect for Innovation at Availity

Measuring Hallucinations in Healthcare RAG

Ofer Mendelevitch – Head of Developer Relations at Vectara

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Voice of the Customer: NLP in a Health Plan Call Center

Corinne Stroum – Director, Consumer Experience & Insights at SCAN Health Plan

How I Built a Super-Doctor Using Advanced RAG

Zain Hasan – Senior ML Developer Advocate at Weaviate

Large Language Models for Biomedical Knowledge Graph Construction: Information Extraction from EMR Notes

Davit Shahnazaryan – Head of Research at Amaros AI; Lecturer at Yerevan State University

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Large Language Models to Facilitate Building of Cancer Data Registries

Ryan TanConsultant at National Cancer Centre Singapore


Clustering Patients Complaints

Zarmeen Nasim – Senior Instructor at Aga Khan University


Development of a Method for Hospice Quality Assessment

Jason HotchkissPsychologist, Professor at Cornerstone University


Day 2

Wednesday, April 3

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:05 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Answering Patient Level Questions from Raw Clinical Data

Veysel Kocaman – Head of Data Science at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

Advancing Health at the Speed of AI

Hoifung Poon – General Manager, Microsoft Health Futures at Microsoft

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Using LLMs to Build Task-Specific AI Models with the No-Code Generative AI Lab

Dia Trambitas – Head of Product at John Snow Labs

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

Towards Concept-Aware Large Language Models

Chen Shani – Postdoc at Stanford

Patient Journey Trajectories for Disease Progression Prediction and Sub Typing using LLMs

Thirupathi Pattipaka – Director, DataScience & AI at Novartis Pharma AG

Designing a Healthcare LLM for Efficient Medical Documentation

Sagar Goyal – Senior NLP Engineer at DeepScribe Inc.
Eti Rastogi – Senior NLP Engineer at DeepScribe Inc.

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

“Be Like Water” – NLP and GenAI Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare

Sonali Tamhankar – Sr. Clinical Data Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

From Data to Enrollment: The Impact of Large Language Models in Clinical Recruitment

Daniel KoppersHead of R&D at PhlexGlobal, a Cencora Company

4:30 pm ET – 5:00 pm ET

AI and NLP Carving a Future to Save Healthcare

William Wagner – Data Analytics Senior Product Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Improved Medical Classification Using Semantic Analysis and Data Augumentation

Walter Silva Martins-Filho  – Senior Data Scientist at Neuralmed