Day 1

Tuesday, April 6

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:15 pm ET

12:15 pm ET – 12.25 pm ET

Industry Survey Analysis: AI in Healthcare 2021

Paco Nathan – Evil Mad Scientist & Founder at Derwen AI

12:25 pm ET – 12:45 pm ET

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

EHR Question Answering

Preethi Raghavan – Senior NLP Research Scientist at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

Learning to Summarize Visits from Doctor-Patient Conversations

Zachary Lipton – Assistant Professor of Operations Research & Machine Learning at CMU

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

Language based Pre-training for Drug Discovery

Bharath Ramsundar – Co-founder and CEO at Computable Labs

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Sending BERT to Med School – Injecting Medical Knowledge into BERT

Rachel Wities – NLP Data Scientist at Zebra Medical Vision

Applying off-the-shelf NLP in healthcare? More dangerous than you think

Ayush Singh – Sr. NLP Machine Learning Engineer at Cigna

Benefits and challenges in de-identifying and linking unstructured records

Mark Ungerer – Head of Product at Datavant
Linda Chen – Strategic Partnerships Development Manager at John Snow Labs

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Accelerating clinical risk adjustment through Natural Language Processing

Fola Soyoye Director of Product Management at iQuartic
Xue Yang Data Scientist at iQuartic
Alina Petukhova – Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

Addressing Baumol’s Cost Disease in Healthcare with Machine Learning

Byung-Hak Kim AI Technology Lead at AKASA

Linguistically informed NLP for healthcare experience data

Zach Childers – Data Science Lead at Press Ganey

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Understanding Human-Machine conversation patterns for seniors aging in place

Christopher Brousseau – Chief Technology Officer at TranZynergy

Burden Reduction – Use of NLP to provide assistive intelligence in documenting evidence-based guidelines

Sreenivas Reddy Mallipeddi – Principal Solution Architect at MCG Health LLC
Justin Allred – Actuary at Milliman

Patient Experience and Value-Based Care

Ram Gautam – Director, Software Engineering at Altais (Blue Shield of California)

Day 2

Wednesday, April 7

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Connecting the Dots in Clinical Document Understanding and Information Extraction

Veysel Kocaman – Principal Data Scientist and ML Engineer at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

The Language Interpretability Tool: Interactive analysis of NLP models

James Wexler – Staff Software Engineer at Google

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Secure collaborative learning using the MC^2 platform

Raluca Ada Popa – Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, CTO and co-founder at PreVeil

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

Domain-Specific Language Model Pretraining for Biomedical Natural Language Processing

Hoifung Poon – Senior Director of Biomedical NLP at Microsoft

AI in Healthcare – Promise and Perils

Juggy Jagannathan – AI Evangelist at 3M|M*Modal

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

NLP aspects in medical records- from visit texts to medical concepts matrix

Moran Beladev – Senior ML Researcher at Diagnostic Robotics

AWS CORD-19 Search: A Neural Search Engine and Knowledge Graph for COVID-19 Literature

Parminder Bhatia – Applied Science Manager at Amazon Health AI

Best Practices in Improving NLP Accuracy for Clinical Use Cases

Rajesh Chamarthi – Senior Big Data Engineer at MetiStream
Veysel Kocaman– Lead Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Beyond Context: Answering Deeper Questions by Combining Spark NLP and Graph Database Analytics

Abhishek Mehta – Director Field Engineering at TigerGraph
Christian Kasim Loan – Senior Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

Sampling ADE’s: A Guide for Corpus Creation

Joseph Plasek – Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Mass General Brigham

NLP for scaling healthcare access to everyone

Anitha Kannan – Head of Machine Learning Research at Curai

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Use of NLP in Identifying the Risk Assessments of the Patients

Jayant Thomas – Sr. Director AI Engineering at Change Healthcare

Applying Open Q&A Systems as Knowledge Graph Entry Points

Rohan D’Souza – Chief Product Officer at Olive
Benjamin Elbert – Director of Engineering, Deep Purple at Olive

Using NLP for Diagnosis of Mental Health Disorders

Kfir Bar – Chief Scientist at Basis Tech

NLP Training

Spark NLP for Data Scientists
Training & Certification

April 1, 2021 – 9:00 to 12:00 PST
April 2, 2021 – 9:00 to 12:00 PST

Spark NLP for Healthcare Data Scientists
Training & Certification

Day 1: April 8, 2021 – 9:00 to 12:00 PST
Day 2: April 9, 2021 – 9:00 to 12:00 PST

Natural Language Processing for Business Leaders

April 5, 2021 – 9:00 to 14:00 PST