Day 1

Tuesday, October 5

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Industry Survey Analysis: Natural language use cases in the industry in 2021

Paco Nathan – Evil Mad Scientist and Founder at Derwen AI

12:25 pm ET – 12:45 pm ET

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Why & how to care about NLP ethics?

Clément Delangue CEO at Hugging Face

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

TLDR: Extreme Summarization of Scientific Documents

Isabel Cachola – PhD Researcher at Johns Hopkins University

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

What’s new in Stanford NLP and Stanza

John Bauer Software Engineering at Stanford University, Lead Stanza Maintainer

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

Combining Computer Vision and NLP for democratizing AI for Healthcare during pandemic

Anusua Trivedi Lead Scientist at AI for Good Research Lab at Microsoft

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Data Augmentation for Sequence Labeling. A Case Study in Food Parsing

Octavia Sulea Machine Learning Engineer at FlexJobs

“Say it to Play it” – Spoken Language Understanding Challenges in Entertainment Domain

Nidhi Rajshree Sr. Engineering Manager, Natural Language Understanding at Roku Voice

Accelerating NLP at scale with NVIDIA Triton, Seldon Core and Kubernetes

Alejandro Saucedo – Engineering Director (Machine Learning) at Seldon Technologies

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Predictive Maintenance by Intelligent Mining of Manufacturing Incidents Using Spark NLP

Angelina Maria Leigh Data Scientist at Hitachi Solutions America

Fred Heller – Data Scientist at Hitachi Solutions America

Leveraging AI for Recruitment towards Economic Recovery

Keisuke Inoue – Lead Algorithm Data Scientist at PandoLogic

NLP techniques & applications for supporting Human Learning

Jinjin Zhao – Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Large-scale processing of social media data

Peter Krejzl – Head of Research at Socialbakers

NLP with RPA

Sishira Mishra – Automation Architect | Robotics Development Lead at HP

Day 2

Wednesday, October 6

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Modular Approach to Solve Problems at Scale in Healthcare NLP

Veysel Kocaman – Principal Data Scientist and ML Engineer at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

Accelerating Biomedical Innovation by Combining NLP and Knowledge Graphs

Antoaneta Vladimirova Applied Medical AI Lead at Roche RIS

Vishnu Vettrivel – Co-Founder & CTO at Wisecube

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Lessons Learned De-Identifying 700 Million Patient Notes with Spark NLP

Vivek Tomer Principal Data Scientist at Providence St. Joseph Health

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

Natural Language Processing: Analyzing Clinical and Mental Health Notes

Dr. Parisa Rashidi – Associate Professor at University of Florida

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

Automated Classification and Entity Extraction from essential documents pertaining to Clinical Trials

Nirjhar Sarkar – Technical Design Expert at Novartis

Veysel Kocaman – Principal Data Scientist and ML Engineer at John Snow Labs

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

NLP for parsing of medical reports

Swetha Tanamala – Data Scientist at

Understand Patient Experience Journey to Improve Pharma Value Chain

Harsha Gurulingappa – Head of Text Analytics at Merck KGaA

Adverse Drug Event Detection Using Spark NLP

Lawrence Rasouliyan Head, Biostatistics and Data Science at OMNY Health

Vikas Kumar – Senior Data Scientist at OMNY Health

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

NLP Clinical Ontology 101

Marcelo Tournier Data Scientist at Apixio

A Real-time NLP-based Clinical Decision Support Platform for Psychiatry and Oncology

Arash Kia – Director, Clinical Data Science at Mount Sinai Health System

Automating a Streaming Pipeline with OCR on Databricks Lakehouse

Amir Kermany – Technical Director for Health & Life Sciences at Databricks

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Black Box AI? No Thanks!

Sergei Nirenburg  – Professor of Cognitive Science, Professor of Computer Science Chair, Department of Cognitive Science

Use NLP to save lives? Yes, please!

Neta Snir NLP Consultant

Automated question answering about clinical guidelines

Julio Bonis – Senior Data Scientist & Medical Doctor, John Snow Labs

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Extracting what, when, why, and how from Radiology Reports in Real World Data acquisition projects

Rajesh Jacob – Senior Technical Product Manager at GE Healthcare

Hasham Ul Haq – Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

Using NLP to Improve Radiologist Productivity & Reduce Burnout

Manisha Bafna – Vice President – Head of Data Science at CitiusTech

Building a Better Patient Chart: Combining structured, unstructured, and missing data

Sam Schifman – Chief Architect at Diameter Health

Day 3

Thursday, October 7

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

Adaptive Testing of NLP models

Marco Túlio Ribeiro – Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Large Language Models and the Future of NLP

Connor Leahy AI Researcher at Aleph Alpha GmbH

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

NLP in Finance: Realities, Challenges, and Possibilities

Oana Frunza VP of AI research, Machine Learning Research Department at Morgan Stanley

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET


Eduard Hovy – Research Professor at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

Applications of Distributed Natural Language Processing in Finance

Moody Hadi – Group Manager – Financial Engineering at S&P Global Market Intelligence

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

NLP at Scale

Andrei Lopatenko – VP Engineering at Zillow

Leveraging NLP to Extract Insights from Customer Conversations

Dr. Swati Sharma  – NLP Lead at Cedrus Digital

Continuous actionable insights from feedback data with topic modeling and sentiment analysis

Mojtaba Farmanbar – Senior Data Scientist at ING Nederland

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Alexa Conversations: An AI-driven Approach for creating Task-oriented Dialogue Systems

Sanaz Bahargam  Applied Scientist at Amazon Lab126

Serve banking customers by leveraging Natural Language Processing

Andy Li Director in Enterprise AI COE at Wells Fargo

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Goal oriented Dialogue Systems

Rajesh Munavalli – Distinguished Data Scientist at PayPal

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Accelerating NLP in Production with Transfer Learning

Mabu Manaileng – Lead Data Scientist at Standard Bank Group

NLP Classifier Models & Metrics

Sanghamitra Deb – Staff Data Scientist at Chegg

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