Day 1

Tuesday, April 5

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Industry Survey Analysis: AI in Healthcare 2022  

Paco Nathan – Managing Partner at Derwen AI

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

The Unified NLP Platform

David Talby – CTO at John Snow Labs

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

The Quest for Proactive and Reactive Healthcare

Kira Radinsky – CEO & CTO at Diagnostic Robotics

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

Cleanlab: Making AI Work with Messy, Real-World Healthcare and NLP Data

Curtis NorthcuttCEO & Co-Founder at Cleanlab

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

Automated Patient Risk Adjustment and Medicare HCC Coding from Clinical Notes

Moritz Steller – Architect, AI + ML at Microsoft

Amir Kermany – Technical Director, Healthcare and Life Science at Databricks

How to Build a Foundation of AI-based Healthcare Systems Through Language Models?

Mehdi Bahrami – Member of Research Staff at Fujitsu Research of America

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Leveraging Deep Learning and Clinical Text to Predict Asthma Exacerbation

Matthew Davis Data Science Manager at Ironside

Natural Language Processing for Clinical Excellence: The State of Practices, Opportunities, and Challenges

Yanshan Wang – Vice Chair of Research and Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Extracting Events and their Dates from Clinical Text to Generate Real World Evidence

Alex Rich – Staff Data Science Manager at Flatiron Health

Accelerating Healthcare Innovation: Finding Answers Faster Using NLP Models and Dedicated AI Compute

Natalia Vassilieva – Director of Product at Cerebras Systems


Is it Enough to Simply Apply Language Model for Optimal Text Classification?

Meysam Ghaffari Senior Data Scientist (NLP and Deep Learning) at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Using Spark NLP to De-Identify Doctor Notes in the German Language

Maciej Piotrowski – Director, IT Architecture, Real World Solutions at IQVIA

Jiri Dobes – Head of Solutions at John Snow Labs

Supporting Mental Healthcare Delivery Using NLP

Setu Shah – Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Headspace Health

Day 2

Wednesday, April 6

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Machine Reading for Precision Medicine

Hoifung Poon Senior Director of Biomedical NLP at Microsoft

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

Current State-of-the-Art Accuracy for Key Medical Natural Language Processing Benchmarks

Veysel Kocaman Principal Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Opportunities and Challenges of Applying Advances in NLP to Healthcare

Elif Ozkirimli – Head of Data Science at Roche

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

Collaborative Healthcare NLP: Customisable NLP platforms for health and related research

Xingyi Song – Academic Fellow at The University of Sheffield

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

End-to-End No-Code Development of AI Models for Text and Images

Dia Trambitas – Head of Product at John Snow Labs

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

1 Line of Code to Use 600+ State-of-the-Art Clinical & Biomedical NLP Models

Christian Kasim Loan Data Scientist and Spark/Scala ML engineer at John Snow Labs

Few-Shot Text Classification in the Real-World

Moshe Wasserblat NLP Research Manager at INTEL LAB

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Entropy and Sentiment: the Anna Karenina Principle in Patient Experience Data

Zach Childers – Manager, NLP and Machine Learning at  Press Ganey

Using Spark NLP in R: a Drug Standardization Case Study

Katie Goznikar – Senior Data Scientist at IDEXX

Data Centric AI for Healthcare

Leo JanzeHead of NLP at Change Healthcare

Ha Pham -Principal Architect, AI at Change Healthcare

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Radiology Report Summarization

Sanjeev Kumar Karn – Senior Research Scientist at Siemens Healthineers

Medical NLP: Domain Expertise and Data Quality are Vital For Success

Hugo Altamirano – Medical Solutions Architect at iMerit Technology

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

A Hierarchical Approach for Automated ICD-10 Coding Using Phrase-level Attention

Cansu Sen Senior Machine Learning Scientist at CodaMetrix

Lessons Learned Applying NLP to Create a Web-Scale Knowledge Graph​

Filipe Mesquita – Vice President of Research at Diffbot

Identifying Housing Insecurity and Other Social Determinants of Health from Free-Text Notes

Eric Hilton – Senior Data Scientist at Cityblock Health

Caitlin Dugan – Data Scientist at Cityblock Health

NLP Training

Spark NLP for Data Scientists
Training & Certification

April 12, 2022 – 9:00 to 1:00 PST
April 13, 2022 – 9:00 to 1:00 PST

Spark NLP for Healthcare Data Scientists
Training & Certification

Day 1: April 14, 2022 – 9:00 to 1:00 PST
Day 2: April 15, 2022 – 9:00 to 1:00 PST