2023 Program

Day 1 | Open Source

Tuesday, October 3

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Open-Source Update: Spark NLP, NLP Lab, and LangTest

David Talby – CTO at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12:45 pm ET

Ray Aviary: Open-Source Multi-LLM Serving

Waleed Kadous – Chief Scientist at Anyscale

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Generative AI & LLM Models in the Banking Industry

Supriya Raman – VP Data Science at JPMorgan

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

The Weaviate Vector Search Engine

Bob Van Luijt – CEO & Co-Founder at Weaviate

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

Chroma: An Open-Source Embedding Database

Anton Trynikof – Founder at Chroma

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

Building a Smart Safety Data Sheet Parser Using NLP Lab

Alin Blidisel – Technical Team Lead at Wisecube

Patrick Salomé – Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at BluePallet

Taming a T-Rex: A Survival Guide for Dealing with Large Language Models

Yuval Belfer – Developer Advocate at AI21 Labs

What’s New in Stanford NLP and Stanza

John Bauer – Research Engineer at Stanford

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Identifying Patterns of Racial Discrimination through Natural Language Processing

Chreston Miller – PhD, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech

From Text to Insights: Empowering NLP Models for Document QA with Generative AI

Carlos Rodríguez Abellán – Lead NLP Engineer at Fujitsu

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Adapting LLM & NLP Models to Domain-Specific Data 10x Faster with Better Data

Yash Sheth – Co-Founder at Galileo

Franz Keller – Platform Lead at Galileo

Christian Kasim Loan – Lead Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

Taming the Large language models – Efficient inference of Multi-billion parameter models

Logesh Kumar Umapathi – Lead Machine learning Research Engineer at Saama Technologies

Similarity Analysis of global chemical product labels

Thomas Kranzkowski – Senior Data Science Consultant at Woodmark Consulting AG

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Explainable Data Drift for NLP

Shir Chorev – Co-founder & CTO at Deepchecks

NLP Applications for Scientific Review Assistance

Stephen Ho – Data Scientist at Leidos

Day 2 | Healthcare

Wednesday, October 4

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Beyond QA: A Multifaceted Evaluation of John Snow Labs’ Medical Chatbot

Veysel Kocaman – Head of Data Science (Healthcare) at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12.45 pm ET

Text-Prompted Cohort Retrieval: Leveraging Generative Healthcare Models for Precision Population Health Management

Dave DeCaprio – CTO & Co-founder at ClosedLoop
Shay Sayed – Principle Solutions Engineer at ClosedLoop

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

Using Healthcare-Specific LLM’s for Data Discovery from Patient Notes & Stories

R. Spencer Schaefer – Chief Health Informatics Officer at Kansas City VAMC – Department of Veteran Affairs

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

CONAN: A Semantic Search System for Contract Analytics

Harsha Gurulingappa – Head of Text Analytics at Merck Group
Alberto Oteo Garcia – Data Scientist at Merck Group
Luis Gehrmann – Data and Analytics Architect at Merck Group

In the GPT Jungle: Lessons Learned from Using LLMs in the Wild in Healthcare

Itay Zitvar – Software engineering team lead (NLP) at Hyro

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Using NLP to Identity the Emotional State of Patients at Different Stages of a Disease Journey

Romain Bogaerts – Director of AI Product Management at Real Chemistry

Automatic Extraction of Structured Information from Genomic Reports

Pavithra Rajendran – Senior Data Scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Using Real-World Data to Better Understand Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Dr. Gary Curhan – CMO at OM1
Ryan Boch – Senior Software Engineer at OM1

The potential of Large Language Models for Revolutions in Healthcare

Nafiseh Mollaei – Postdoc at Loyola University Chicago

Simple and Practical NLP Applications in Healthcare

Sonali Tamhankar – Senior Clinical Data Scientist in Enterprise Analytics department at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Day 3 | Applications

Thursday, October 5

(All times are US Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET – 12:25 pm ET

Generative AI Features in the Free No-Code NLP Lab

Dia Trambitas – Head of Product at John Snow Labs

12:25 pm ET – 12:45 pm ET

What’s so hard about training and deploying LLMs?

Davis Blalock – Research Scientist at MosaicML by Databricks

12:45 pm ET – 1:05 pm ET

Unlocking the Potential: Assessing Open-Source Large Language Models for the Insurance Industry

Ke Ji – Senior Lead Data Scientist at American Family Insurance

1:05 pm ET – 1:25 pm ET

Unstructured Open-Source ETL for LLMs

Matthew Robinson – Engineering Lead at Unstructured Technologies

1:25 pm ET – 1:45 pm ET

Legal & Regulatory Challenges in Applying Generative AI

Andrew Burt – Co-founder & Managing Partner at Luminos.Law

2:00 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET

LLM and Foundational Models in Ads Ranking

Aayush Mudgal – Senior Machine Learning Lead at Pinterest

Leveraging Large Language Models for Customer Service and Support Transformation

Lovedeep Saini – Data Science Manager at Arthur J Gallagher

Emotion Detection in Speech

Dishant Banga – Sr Data Analyst at Bridgetree

2:35 pm ET – 3:05 pm ET

Investigation of LLMs for Financial Use Cases

Neelesh Shukla – Senior Manager – Principal AI Scientist at State Street Corporation

3:10 pm ET – 3:40 pm ET

Computational Linguistic Analysis of Engineered Chatbot Prompts

Michelle Banawan – Asst Professor and Academic Program Director at Asian Institute of Management

The Use of NLP Agents: Acciona Use Cases, Challenges, and Achievements

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez López – Data & IA Manager at Digital Hub Acciona

Natural Language Processing for Materials Science

Zongrui Pei – Senior Staff at NYU

3:45 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET

Using Vector Databases to Scale Multimodal Embeddings and Search

Zain Hasan – Senior ML Developer Advocate at Weaviate

Vision-Based Automatic Groceries Tracking System – Smart Homes

Divya Mereddy – Data Scientist at Ascena Retail